Everyday cycling is quickly gaining popularity in replacing car traffic in cities. PedalSlot stands have been designed specifically for public use in places like shopping malls, office premises, schools, residential parking, sports venues, cycle connection and street parking.

PedalSlot stands promote cycling:

Secure locking

  • The locking point is within an arm’s reach and at a proper height.
  • Sturdy materials and secure structures prevent theft.

Easy loading

  • Thanks to the unique support, the bicycle stays up firmly.
  • Each bicycle will have its own clear space, and cyclists don’t need to struggle with tight spots with other bicycles.

A look fit for the location

  • Bicycles will stay in good order.
  • Besides ready-made models, you’ll have a unique opportunity to implement your own look – colours, shape and even materials.

Easy maintenance

  • A simple structure makes sweeping easy, ensuring smooth parking also during winter conditions.
  • Materials and structures suited for the challenging conditions of the north are long lasting and almost maintenance-free.
  • Quick and cheap fixing of damaged stands thanks to easy to change parts.

Low installation costs

  • Thanks to new installation solutions, installation is quick and inexpensive.
  • Even in challenging locations, costly foundation work can be avoided.

Efficient use of space

  • Flexible installation solutions allow bicycle parking to be efficiently decentralized and organized in locations where it previously wasn’t possible.
  • The use of space can be made more efficient without compromising usability.
  • Innovative installation solutions allow the number of parking slots to be changed easily.