A cycle stand is a long-term investment, which is why PedalSlot invests in development work to minimize the life cycle costs of cycle parking.

The first expenses are accumulated even before the stands are acquired. These expenses include space reservation and foundation work. Expenses during the acquisition stage include the purchase and installation. During use, there are expenses from the maintenance of the stands and the parking area.

In the long term, the most economical choice is stands that are in frequent use and whose technical features reduce life cycle costs.

Installation solutions will significantly affect foundation and installation costs. The installation solutions of PedalSlot stands enable quick installation on different platforms, often without separate foundation.

When organizing parking, it is important to avoid tightness. Flexible installation solutions and the unique support of PedalSlot stands can be used for enhancing use of space without compromising the space for handling the bike.

The simple appearance of the stands and minimal structures at ground level facilitate the cleaning of the parking area and snow removal during winter. This reduces maintenance costs and ensures that parking is available around the year.

Finnish design and manufacturing ensure structures, materials and coating that are suitable for challenging conditions. Since the bicycle will touch the stand in the inside only, visible surfaces will be spared from wear and tear. No moving or flexible parts equal less maintenance.

Snow ploughing and car traffic can damage cycle stands, twisting some of the stands and making them ugly and useless. Many PedalSlot stands have an option for replacing damaged parts individually. Repairing is economical and quick, as damaged parts can be replaced on the spot.