Bar sets the bar for staple racks:

  • 10cm wide profile
  • Seven independent locking holes
  • Parking in single or two directions
  • Compatible with all bicycles incl. freight bikes
  • Modern outlook
  • Installation: Free standing, surface installation and in ground
  • Easy maintenance



Easy to park and lock securely
Wide profile separates the parked bicycles and locking holes enable hassle free locking.

Narrow lower part provide good support for small size bicycles.

Independent locking holes add security when using with two or more locks.

Locked through a locking hole provide additional support to your bike.

Make the best of Bar security. Use a tested heavy duty lock and assure you fasten the bike frame.


Versions for surface installation, easy in-ground installation and free standing racks, the later can be anchored to the ground.

Options to select colour, H-T-H distance, number of parking places, etc.

Park and lock any type of bicycle – city, child, ladies, freight, fat, …