PedalSlot stands are designed to the needs of cyclists and the parking provider.

Besides a look fit for the location, project-specific design ensures the best possible result also in space-efficiency, installation, maintenance and life cycle costs.

Our operation is flexible. We offer you comprehensive documentation and support for designing a stand independently, or you can describe to us your parking needs and we will design a stand accordingly.


The basic reasons for providing cycle parking can be diverse, ranging from increasing customer flows and improving workplace satisfaction to better organization of the environment.

The basis for a good cycle stand design is in the needs of the cyclist – easy and secure parking for the bike.

Things that should be taken into account in designing and obtaining a stand are listed in the TBD document. You won’t need to worry about every detail, as experts, we will ensure that everything is taken into account in design.


A cycle stand is not just a place for storing bikes. It is part of the facade that will affect the look of the place. PedalSlot stands allow you to create cheerfulness, simplicity or harmony with the facade. Or perhaps you would like to tell the story of the place or express your brand?

In the gallery, you will find our ready-made stand models and samples of prototypes and model sketches.

PedalSlot stands allow you to implement your own idea of the appearance, whether it’s a small twist to an existing model or an entirely new concept. With the  Main dimensions -document your idea will be easy to polish further.

We want to offer you as much freedom as possible in using colours, finishes, shapes, materials and effects. If you want, we will help you come up with ideas – get in touch, and we’ll think of best options together.

Design and implementation

With PedalSlot solutions, implementing a well-functioning cycle stand is easy. You can polish and design your stand further than just the concept, or you can let us do everything from the start. Before manufacturing the stand, we always ensure technical functionality and manufacturability.

Although the cycle stand is key to cycle parking, many other things also need to be taken into account in organizing parking. PedalSlot solutions offer diverse and flexible tools for the holistic design of cycle parking: The Bicycle Parking Planning Rules.

One of the most important decisions in planning cycle parking besides appearance is the installation method. The choice of installation option depends on the placement of the stands, installation surface and possible maintenance-related matters. For some installation methods, there are options that will improve the flexible use of the stands or facilitate maintenance, for example. If one stand is to hold multiple bikes, decisions must be made about their number and direction in the stand.

PedalSlot stands are made together with our expert Finnish partners. This will ensure fast delivery times and an implementation suitable for northern and other demanding conditions.

What kind of cycle stand would you like?

Though the basic reasons for providing cycle parking can vary, the key to success are the user-friendly PedalSlot stands that are made to your needs.