We offer unique opportunities for those desiring custom looks. Our flexible design service will provide just the appearance you want.

Implementation of the look is not restricted merely to choosing a colour or limited customization of a ready-made design. We offer you the full scale of our modular technology. In addition to different types of steel, stands can be made of almost any sturdy material suited for outdoor construction.


The individual look of the stand can be based on an existing design, or on a unique idea of what the stand should look like or what it should express.

Design of the look is limited by a few design rules. The [download id=”281″] -document includes instructions how to design your own look. Download it and sketch the look you like.


For more information, click the picture of a stand below. Also check out further collection including Duet stands for two cycles.


Our deliveries are based on the needs of cyclists and the parking provider. The result is optimal parking solutions. Custom design includes installation, the look of the stand and other features according to your needs.