This video will tell you how easy it is to park your bike on a PedalSlot stand (narrative currently in Finnish):


  1. Position the left pedal forward
  2. Set the pedal axel to the opening of the stand’s groove
  3. Hold the bike up and push it forward -> the crank will move inside the stand

Ohje 421Ohje 422

The attached bike stands up on both its wheels. The left crank is vertical inside the stand. The bike can be only slightly tilted to the left or right. Forward and backward movement is restricted to a few centimeters.

Some bikes with coaster brakes require moving the bike back and forth a few times till the crank is vertical. Allow rear wheel remain on the ground while executing.


Fasten bike frame to the locking point on the stand


  1. Release the lock
  2. Grab the seat or the luggage carrier
  3. Lift the rear wheel of the ground and pull the bicycle backwards until the crank is entirely out of the stand

Ohje 423Ohje 424

More information about PedalSlot stands.